Announcing the Technology Innovation Challenge RESULTS

Geo Mapping Hub & Resources

Influence near real-time decision-making around service utilization, housing inventory, and resource allocation

Our goal is to have human centered design approaches applied to all four proposed solutions that will be procured. Human-centered design is deeply embedded in the philosophy of the LA County Homeless Initiative. Its focus may range from customer interactions between people experiencing homelessness, service-providers, and case managers, to the design of mobile digital services, and even the design of reporting and geo mapping systems. It is a holistic approach to understanding the desired outcomes for LA County customers.

Our Vision for this Solution

  1. Influence near real-time and accurate decision-making;
  2. Align forecasting with strategic plan using geo mapping for priorities including, but not limited to: identifying trends; tracking housing inventory / demand; and allocating staff, funding, and other resources; and
  3. Increase current and future housing opportunities for those experiencing homelessness.

Proposed Solution Capabilities

  • Map hotspots of emerging issues in near real‐time to deploy resources and intervene early
  • Leverage accumulated data and complete analyses to anticipate where needs are likely to arise in the future
  • Build an interim housing / shelter near real‐time system
  • Provide the ability for the public to report homeless resources not easily identified by LA County (e.g., churches, feeding days) to build a more comprehensive service delivery system

Required Security Requirements 

The Information Security Requirements sets forth information security procedures to be established by Contractor before the Effective Date of the Technology Innovation Challenge and Services Agreement. It is Contractor’s sole obligation to (i) implement appropriate measures to secure its systems and data, including Personal Data, Protected Health Information, and County Confidential Information, against internal and external threats and risks; and (ii) continuously review and revise those measures to address ongoing threats and risks.

In accordance with County of Los Angeles Board policies 6.100 – 6.105 & 5.200; reference Board of Supervisors website for more information.

Primary Customers / Users

  • Homeless service-providers deploying resources to the homeless population
  • County and other government entities engaging with the homeless population 
  • Los Angeles County residents

Total Contract Funding Authority

The Technology Innovation Challenge funding request cannot exceed $200,000 (you will have the opportunity to share and explain the total projected costs to implement the solution, which can total more than $200,000).

Key Requirements

  1. County of Los Angeles uses Esri technology for GIS and spatial data analysis. All products and systems used or developed by the contractor must be fully documented and compatible with Esri tools and platforms.
  2. Geographic and attribute information shall be accessible for integration with the County Enterprise GIS system.
  3. The proposed solution must have the ability to integrate with authoritative GIS data layers and services provided by the County Enterprise GIS System.
  4. Geographic coordinates must be stored in a standard, compatible coordinate system, such as WGS84 or State Plane.
  5. Any web services should be RESTful, communicating with JSON.
  6. Database should be an ODBC accessible RDBMS or Esri File Geodatabase.
  7. Preferred technologies include: Esri File Geodatabase; ArcGIS Online; SQL Server 2012 or greater; and JavaScript.

Are you ready to be part of the solution?

You can make a difference in the fight against homelessness. Join us in building a more innovative and responsive homeless services delivery system in LA County.