Announcing the Technology Innovation Challenge RESULTS

Scoring Rubric

Review the four criteria the Evaluation Panel will use to score valid applications.

Does the solution respond to business and customer needs in a collaborative, empathetic way? Is the technology innovative, intuitive, and user-driven, designed to proactively and holistically support the homeless population and the County’s strategic vision for the homeless service delivery system?

Offers a solid approach and responds to business and community needs. Introduces a supportive, innovative, and user-friendly solution that complements the County’s vision.

Is the solution bold with a clear vision to produce transformative results and bolster current and future efforts to address homelessness in LA County? Does the solution reimagine service delivery, remove or remediate challenges and inefficiencies, and build compelling benefits for its users and beneficiaries?

Clear vision to offer broad benefits and considerable impact on users and beneficiaries. Makes strong case that solution will remediate challenges and result in long-term change.

Is the solution nimble, aligned with current County priorities, and well-positioned to scale and meet the diverse, growing needs of a large homeless population? Will the solution accelerate benefits and improve outcomes for users of the technology and those experiencing homelessness in LA County over time?

Sensible approach with a concrete plan that aligns with County priorities. Clearly describes methodology that will lead to growth of the intended outcomes.

Is the solution technically-sound and investment-ready for practical integration into existing systems for those facing homelessness in LA County? Do they have clear understanding of local conditions and its beneficiaries, with the plan, resources and capacity to mitigate risk and launch successfully in 3-6 months?

Offers a concrete plan to improve existing systems, engage community, and address any challenges. Has a practical approach to sustain efforts and secure resources.

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